A Theatre Program for People with Special Needs

Theatre is for everyone!  We empower people with special needs, seniors, everyone, to break through the fourth wall, get on stage, and shine. Through singing, dancing, and acting our actors-to-be learn about the theatre, the world, and themselves.  Our staff travels to your venue providing an enriching theatre experience with music and movement therapy creating a showcase performance for family and friends.

Take a peek at what 4th Wall is all about thanks to Mitch Albom and Detroit’s Local 4 News Team.  To see more videos go here.

Introducing a Few Friends: 3 of Our Partners You Need to Meet

With the start of 2016, 4th Wall is proud to bring its total number of community partners up to an exciting 80! The Winter/Spring Season, which began this month, sees us again partnering with organizations throughout Michigan to provide children … Continue reading